Very first platform for simultaneous & consecutive interpreters
Product design
Full-cycle product development from the zero phases. As a result -> successful niche product with thousands of users, 10% of paying users, and a 33% retention rate.
My role
Product lead
I was responsible for all major stages of product strategy, development & team work. Directly reporting to the owner.
Empathization, defining, ideation, prototyping, design and validation stages were done.
We focused on a narrow target audience and developed a highly specialised product
Interpreters, for the most part, are professional freelancers. There are a lot of interpreters. But good interpreters are few and far between.The market in general is very chaotic and not transparent.
Develop a product and service for interpreters that will help them and make the market more transparent for everyone. To help them prove their professional skills and enable businesses to hire proven professionals.
We launched a product that allows independent peer review of simultaneous and consecutive interpreters. And gives interpreters an opportunity to validate their skills, and build their reputation and network.
The platform consists of:
Website (promotion objectives)
interpreter account (testing system)
Portal with lectures andmaster classes
account of the jury
The process and research behind the product to achieve the required metrics
analysis + Empathize
Desk research
Competitive analysis
User segmentation
In-depth interviews
Quantitative research (to verify)
Personas, stories, journeys
Define + Ideation
Problem statements
Value propositions
Hypothesis tests with users
Top-level product scheme
Product architecture and metrics
High-fidelity prototypes
user feedback
I found a lot of useful contacts and clients. The project helped me build my reputation on the market. I signed up for a premium membership package and am willing to pay even more.
— A.C. Professional Simultaneous Interpreter
I live and study in France and learned about the project from my classmates. I immediately decided to take part in the competition - because I really wanted to test my strength. And the opportunity to make a professional passport is incredible.
— E.M. Consecutive interpreter, beginner
Some results:
No-code + code approach
optimized the cost 2х times
The main team of the project is only 5 people. A small team and high efficiency
of users are satisfied with the service and find it useful for themselves
Retention rate
Paying Users
High Conversion Site
Take part in the project
Take the online test and get an expert rating
Get new clients and recognition from the international community
A unique system of interpreter evaluation and testing
Boutique Marketplace
  • Yana Dulina / Product design lead
  • Pankova Daria / Senior designer
  • Julia Fishenko / Designer
  • Yana Dulina / Product supervision
  • Oxana Smirnova / Manager
  • Sofia Rasskasova / Manager
  • Maksim Nikitin / CTO
  • Pavel Makhnev / Developer